Who’s Next?
Identifying Vulnerabilities in the Banking System,
Managing Risks and Maximizing Opportunities
for Banks and Investors

Webinar Replay    |    May 2023


If another bank fails, there are no guarantees the FDIC will take the extraordinary steps it did to protect Silicon Valley Bank’s depositors. Understanding where danger lurks in the system and best practices to navigate cash management and legal risks will be critical as uncertainty persists.

Highlights of the webinar include:

  • Financial attributes leading to SVB’s failure (e.g., exposure to long-duration assets, fair value marks of assets and allowance for losses)
  • Comparative review of these key attributes at other banks to identify sources and the amount of risk in the system
  • Financial and legal risks if the federal government does not use the same extraordinary measures in the next failure as it did with SVB
  • Best practices for treasury and cash management functions to navigate a banking crisis
  • Potential claims and exposure arising from a banking crisis


  • Joseph Cioffi, Chair, Insolvency + Finance, Davis+Gilbert LLP
  • Christine DeVito, Associate, Insolvency + Finance, Davis+Gilbert LLP
  • Gunes Kulaligil, Managing Director/Co-Leader, Structured Finance Practice, Stout
  • Manny Malbari, Managing Director/Co-Leader, Structured Finance Practice, Stout